Our website rewrite

Ths is the biggest overhaul of our website since we launched it in 2004 - we found we were contacted by all kinds of people interested in footwear design and our website has developed to reflect that. It was also terribly out of date - I’ve still kept some old stuff on there - I’m a sentimental old thing…


Once you decide to update your site, you find that it’s such a bottomless pit - we have been reviewing ithis one since January. We were still up til midnight last night working on the alt tags :laughing:

Anyway, folks, any glaring omissions? Any comments? Any links we should be adding? :wink: All criticisms gratefully received.

Thanks, this is a great resource for anyone interested in footwear design.

I like the “homeys” you designed. especially the tread.

I want a pair.

I like the simple splash page with the dot theme and animate gif. It is fun and simple. The amount and breadth of your work is amazing. I don’t feel the page layout sdo it justice. They seem to be a bit cluttered, with some images left justified, some right justified. The “To Top” links just feel like an old website.

I’d work it into a system of thumbnail pages, and less text. Simplify and plan the way you want viewers interact with it. I think once everything is presented in a consistent manner, it will clean up and start to sing more.

I like the French Connection and Golddigga product!

Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for your comments - we will try and space out the pages a bit better. But I’m wary of getting rid of too much text. We didn’t have any text on the front page originally, which I preferred but I was advised to move my news there by my brother. He is going to take a look a the weekend, I’ll see what he thinks - he works in etail marketing.

I’d love to put some educational stuff on there, too, perhaps a project that tutors (or students) could have a go at doing…