Our very own Yo interviewed by Freshnessmag!

Check this out!


he doesnt look that tough…

some very nice work in there, well done.

how tough can a guy that owns a dachshund be?.. other than Picasso, he was pretty pimp.

Thanks for the props…

“live an ordinary life and do extraordinary things at work”… from an add for Tilamook Oregon cheese, go figure…

nice yo!

Yo. Are the Grey Jordan’s a B-Ball shoe? or are they geared towards something different?

I do enjoy the inner liner material.

They are a basketball training shoe, designed for drills, practice, weight training, laps… thanks.

More about them here:

Looks like the black ones (pic. from the other post) are in production and the grey ones are sample. The grey ones look a liitle like a hiking shoe in the front, is this a direction that B-Ball fashion is moving toward?

The black ones look like there’s a little less volume up front, was there a correction? or is it just the color difference

Yo. You are a JB designer? Damn kid, congrads. You have to know about Niketalk then.
Where did you go to school? I go to Syracuse and my dream is to make it to Nike one day too. You have no idea how much i love shoes man.
Holla back at me.

While on the subject… Yes, someone is getting props.

So there I was driving through Tigard on HWY 99 and there it was.

Couldn’t believe my eyes! Congratulations YO!

the grey and green bean colorway is dropping next month, same volume, just optical illusion with the color most likely.

Thanks Valdo, good to see you back on the boards.


Yo, I’m confused by this… Are you teaching at Ai Portland now? Were you a student there for a period of time? please explain. I didn’t know there was an Ai Portland, so I’m well out of the loop here :confused:

I teach there on and off when I have time… mostly off… cause I don’t have much time, but I try to help out, give demos, and I’m on the program advisory committee…


is all the work on the billboard yours? or just the PS demo X-box sketch?

I did not know you were affiliated with them, so I thought it odd to see your work there.

Is any of the work on the billboard current Ai student work?