Our Indiegogo Project- A Singing Bird!!!

After a year of hard work, we are ready to share our project and bring JinGoo to Indiegogo!

Indiegogo Campaign Page:

JinGoo is a beautiful light that plays music.
It is the perfect blend of eastern aesthetics and superb sound quality, helping you escape the fast pace of life - creating a pleasant atmosphere for any space.

Any advice is welcome!

Hi Lotta,

Congratulations on your campaign going well! And your design work paying off.

I like the idea of bringing the feel of a walk in the park more inside the home.
I am not a fan of adding feature after feature, but it would be great if the product had an alarm clock integrated into the app.
It would be an alternative to the Philips Wakeup light.

As for the design, I get the idea of a portable lantern style lamp+speaker
Also a bird-like shape is cool - it would be great to see some of your creative explorations.
What I don’t like is the hook - it looks a bit ‘off’ and something simple based on a circle or inverted J may have been nicer and calmer on the eye.
I would also have done something else instead of the cage - It’s cute but essentially a cage is something you don’t want, especially if you’re trying to bring nature inside. A rotation molded lamp based on an abstract bird shape would have been nice as well. For this design a 3D printed cage would be nice, for example with an organic mesh-like appearance and swooping lines - you can contact me if you want one designed - ralphzoontjens@gmail.com

Hi, ralphzoontjens
So happy to have your feedback! It would be great advice for our next version.
Actually, Bird keeping is a ritual in traditional Chinese culture and these bird cages are commonly seen as part of home decor all over the world. Don’t you think the cage is also a kind of irony in modern urban people do? what we do is just rethink about this deco item, redesign the meaning for the birdcage.
About the APP ,what we thought is the same with you! The App is also under developed to make the JinGoo function more completely .