OUR Design firm Website.


Site provides inforamation on services we provide and also check the link section for few very usefull links.

Good day

Nice n easy navigation …i like it :laughing:

Nice site. Maybe you could work on the fonts in the main page.

Clean & simple…G8 dude :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I got a sh*tload of pop ups when goin to your site. Owwchie!!

Thank god for the edit feature.

Allright, it was late and I was steamin’ mad, but I still don’t like the site.

well i loved it…nice color combo… :smiley:

Mr. optimistic you choose a nick equally opposite of watt u really R :smiling_imp:

Nice website…very good composition and like the minimalistic approch …G8 job done …keep it up dude! :laughing: :sunglasses:

What’s up with the counter? Who cares?
As for pop ups, winXP SP2 handles that bit…

Looping animations are ALWAYS bad; why do you have to diffuse your company profile? Isn’t a company profile about being clear about things?

It’s easy to navigate, but seems somewhat conservative. We have seen this before.

Nice website,specialy the color combination…looking forward for finished product design page.Gooday all :smiley:

what the hell are you guys talking about? “nice website” may ass!

Seem good to me :smiley:…LOL

the site looks very dated to me.

there is nothing fundametally wrong with it,

but there is no content on it
too much useless info on the services page.
your animations on the homepage are hard to read

i suggest you go to a webdesign forum like…


and post for feedback, they will sort you out.
you clearly have web ability but for me the design needs some extra work

Your SEO methods on the site are extremely weak, for the love of god do not keyword-stuff. That is just terrible.

My advice: research GOOD SEO.

:arrow_right: Nice n fresh website .like the color combination and composition very much , but Put some more content on it…anyways G8 work!

Peace :laughing:

Liked the website…Rethink about the Fonts…:sunglasses:

Koool html website! clean and simple …G8
C&C- change the fonts.

All u peeps lustin on this weak mofu site b pimpin shite! da site b old-n-stiff like the dudes tag.

:arrow_right: Nice color amigooo,but text on right hand side of home page is unreadable dude…change da fonte…HastlaVista baby G8

yes, it is a clean site, easy to use and navigate but… the red colour and the fonts make it a bit aggressive and unpleasant.