Our company needs a design cocept for a new James Bond watch

My company is designing a new james bond watch and we need someone to come up with the design for it. I have not been able to find a good source of where i can get people to quote me on the project. Does anyone know where i would goto for that?

$60/hr freelance and I will come up with ten James Bond watches for your company.



core77 has a great directory for ID firms to quote your program. if you’re looking for someone with specific expertise w/ jewelry, you may have to peruse website portfolios to find them–i don’t know of anyone in particular.

i’d think most firms would quote work on a watch, but be prepared to spend $25K or more for sketched concepts. the firm i work for specializes in housewares, but you can email your brief to me if you’d like. please send a private message and i’ll provide my email address.

good luck!