Other networking options in AZ other than the IDSA?

this is the fundamental problem with IDSA, lack of participation. And frankly the responsibility is yours to generate interest in design related events, if that’s important to you. The rest of the local community might provide some support if enough excitement can draw them out.
I’m in the same boat in that all the local designers here are fairly comfortable in their careers and only percieve IDSA participation as a way to hand out business cards and little more.

IDSA National was held in Phoenix in 2008, I guess the recession killed any enthusiasm that started. Conferences are mostly Biz Development though.
the designers that are working today are probably all mid-level or higher and also slammed right now, this is IDSA’s bane, Long hours and a family.
you may have to look outside ID for activitiy outside work…

I recommend using LinkedIn to find local connections - build your network around your goals. Also, you could check to see if groups like DMI, AIGA or AIA have active members in your area and lastly you could check out the arts scene (festivals, gallery displays & functions, etc) and you might find a decent number of like minded folks.