Other/Misc Skills Section in a portfolio? (ex. Photography)

As an employer or interviewer looking through a mini portfolio (or full portfolio), what do you think of a section dedicated to other interests?

For example, a photography section (not necessarily related to products) or a section showing clothing made from a bought pattern.

Would it be relevant or irrelevant?

If your work is good, and could be relevant to a position in some way it’s worth including. I enjoy seeing people who like to sketch, photograph, sculpt, paint, etc in their free time.

If your work is amateur, or could potentially be viewed as “inappropriate” (you’d be surprised at the number of portfolios I’ve seen with stuff bordering on porn) then I would leave it out. I just reviewed a portfolio last week with a guy who had his photo section with one picture of his girlfriends boob in his mouth. I respect your right to “artistic” expression but you should carefully consider what your “Extra” content might reveal about your personality in a negative light.

Personally I’m not too keen on it unless it relates to design. IE section on hand made clothes specifically to show attention to detail, ability to make with your hands etc. You have to tie it back somehow. Otherwise I start to feel like would this person rather be a fine art photographer and is this just a 9-5 for them?

It adds value to me if I see where you are creative outside of work. I like to know it is not just turned on and off and you are continually trying to improve.

But the boob in the mouth thing at work. Unless you are nursing a baby, ick.

Unless it’s specifically related to the role, I don’ think it’s necessarily great in a mini-portfolio.

I think it can work in a portfolio in an interview scenario though, it’s great to know more about a person to know if they’ll be a good fit in a team, and hobbies outside design can be a great insight in to the person themselves as well as the designer. But the design bit definitely comes first, I think it can be a nice addition… but maybe not if it involves boobs!!

Do you have examples of the type of thing you’re thinking of including?

I didn’t read the phrase mini-portfolio initially which slightly changes my thoughts:

-If this is on your website, go for it - tabs are free and I don’t have to click your “other/photography/whatever” link if I don’t want to.

-If this is for a teaser portfolio you’re attaching to a job application, leave it out. I review a lot of portfolios via my phone and bloating your PDF with extras seems unnecessary.

-If it’s a full portfolio you’d be presenting in person, you can bundle a few shots towards the end of the portfolio. Most portfolios I like to see a brief “about” page on the candidate while they give their background. Again - keep it oriented towards the job. If you are a cosplay fanatic and it’s a demonstration of your hand prototyping skills - thats awesome. If you like dressing up as a furry for weird reasons - leave it out.