Other Careers in Design

I am a industrial designer in the bay area and have around 5 years of experience. I have worked for and I am currently working at a well known design consultancy but don’t want to name it. After being here for around 3 years I have discovered that I am incredibly unhappy working on consumer electronics. I wont go into it but it’s just kind of boring in my opinion. I need a fresh start, does anyone know of any alternative type design careers that I can utilize my design skills or any companies in the bay area that are not tech related? I am feeling a little lost and need some hope.

I know Camelbak was staffing up awhile ago. They are up in Petaluma I think.

What? You don’t want to style two clamshell pieces of plastic and a screen bezel anymore? The horror!

Camelbak is a good suggestion. They are in Petaluma as yo mentioned. Spoke with their design head a few years ago, they have a solid organization and respect for designers.
Specialized Bicycle - Morgan Hill - many designers doing different things
Bell/Giro/Easton, Fox Racing, Zero Motorcycles - Scotts Valley
Isn’t The North Face based out of SF?
Pottery Barn/W-S is in SF
I think the Hello Kitty design offices are somewhere around Candlestick Park area.

Yo and slippyfish replays are very good. Here are a few more options.

-The North Face is in Alameda
-Mountain Hardwear they are going through a rough time but might be good
-Marmot Santa Rosa I believe
-Hydrapak in Oakland small but not bad working there
-Marin Bikes don’t know what they have but maybe worth a look
-Leap Frog which is a toy company I believe is located there
-Tesla which I believe does most of the design in LA but they have a plant in San Leandro

Other industries that I believe have footholds up there are toy companies, adult toy companies, transportation startups, marijuana product companies, Bicycle Part Manufactures

I would caution about Specialized Bikes I have had a number of friends work there and it is a tough environment

If you are willing to move to LA there are even more opportunities. Lots of different industries in Socal.

more on the apparel side, but Levis.