OSX on a PC?

If you can run XP on a Mac, what prevents someone from running OSX on a PC?

It can be hacked to work, and there is a community that supports it, but there is some sort of bios lock on apple hardware. And its illegal, but that doesn’t stop many people these days.

IP: Meet the Hackintosh.

The big prob is drivers and such. Mac OS is only designed to work with the hardware that Apple has selected.

I kind of figured it was something like this. I just didn’t know for sure.

I was just thinking that having a PC version of OSX would be just another way for Apple to take over the world.

break down and get two machines! Everyone does it.

hehe…ya…it was actually just a question out of curiosity. Not ready to get a Mac…yet.

But what’s better for a designer? Mac or PC?

HA! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Whichever one is more effective in the hands of that person? :laughing:

I’d love to have a Mac…but I’m too cheap and there really isn’t anything you can do on a Mac that can’t be done on a PC. Now I’m sure theres something to say about how EASILY you can do things on a Mac, but if computers were easy everyone would use them.

Oh wait, apparently that happened already. :open_mouth:

Cyberdemon… I think brett was joking.

Even better…

Will Mac OS X one day run Windows apps without the need for dual booting or virtual machines? That’s the question/rumor currently making the rounds after Wine developer Steven Edwards discovered Leopard contains an undocumented loader for Portable Executables, a filetype used in Windows applications.


That’s interesting! I would think that Microsoft would have to be willing to license some software to Apple in order to run Win programs with some stability. I can’t understand Microsoft doing that though…unless they want to get out of the OS business.