OSU ID program

Haven’t seen any post relating to OSU lately, and the last post i saw was from a few years ago with good and bad remarks, so here is my list of questions:

  1. How does OSU compare with other school today?
  2. Any one who is attending or attended OSU have any remarks on its ID program?
  3. How is the employment rate after OSU?
  4. The application process is very confusing with little details, so care to explain?
  5. Any pointers in getting accepted :smiley:

Thanks Alot!

OSU is good for a Masters degree. The program teaches you thought process but not specific design technique. OSU does not provide a lot of industry support compared to other programs like UC. Most good students at OSU learn their technques offsite or at internships. An OSU trained design director I know told me that OSU trains you for your last job- not your first. Its all well and good to know design thinking, but if you dont have a serious set of implementation skills ie: Photoshop, sketching, Illustrator, CAD, and model making, then good luck getting that entry level job. If you have a choice try elsewhere for undergrad.

yo. i just graduated from osu a year ago and was working on a lengthy write up at work. I had to head out after a long evening, but have left it up and will finish tomorrow.

ill include email, etc after posting tomorrow.

just a heads up.

First, it is important to know OSU is split into quarters. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.

The application process is as follows. When you enter OSU as a freshman you take a design drawing and composition course. This course prepares you for the entrance exam. The entrance exam is posted online for students at the end of fall quarter. You have all of winter break (about dec 10 to jan 3) to complete the exam plus the first week back. For mine it was like…draw a pineapple, draw a blender, design a birdhouse.

Here is the curriculum. On quarters students typically take 3-4 courses a quarter. I have only listed design courses. Remember, there are general education requirements to complete such as sciences, math, history, etc.

fall. design composition.
winter. find out if you get in.
spring. no design specific.

fall. basic 2d design (illustrator, photoshop, composition stuff), design history
winter. basic 3d design (cardboard, foam core, conceptual), design materials
(these courses are all general…graphic students and interior students join)
spring. industrial design 1. we did a flashlight. industrial design sketching.

fall. industrial design 2. solid works. design research methods (with graphic and interior)
winter. industrial design 3. rhino.
spring. industrial design 4. professional practices (folio stuff)

fall. industrial design 5.
winter. industrial design 6.
spring. industrial design thesis.

There is no official internship program. Students can take one quarter off to do an internship or can take fall quarter of year 4 off to do a study abroad. I took spring of year 3 off for an internship with Priority Designs in Columbus. got a summer internship with DeWalt in Baltimore. During fall of year 4 I also went to Berlin although you are only supposed to have one quarter off. I petitioned and was allowed to do it.

I am a firm believer that the school doesnt make a designer. The student makes the designer. I pushed hard and even ruffled some feathers to do the internship plus study abroad, but I think it was worth it. When I returned I didnt realize how lucky I was that the faculty allowed me to do both, but looking back I am very thankful.

I think OSU does a great job to teach process. Unfortunately many students think this will be enough to land a hot job. You have to push yourself to get internships anywhere you go. I believe my education at Ohio State where I learned research methods/design thinking methods PLUS my internship experiences where I learned drawing techniques/aesthetic development has prepared me really well.

Feel free to hit me up for a folio. I’d love to talk about where I’m at now.


Would you recommend the OSU undergraduate school over the CCAD undergraduate? I have been accepted into CCAD and was wondering if the OSU would benefit me more. I’m thinking about starting my own company after a few years of work. Also, would you suggest going to grad in OSU or a different school

these are two very different programs, you need to decide your preference.

shouldn’t be too hard: Art School that hammers skills vs. University that emphasises the full-round education.

Main thing, OSU can offer you business classes that would be better for your start-up ambitions