Oslo...nailed it

This is just perfect. Aside from the obvious usual suspects of simplifying and unifying a complex system, being extendable across a variety of disciplines and uses, and generally just looking great - the custom software tool is the big kicker here.

It’s almost always the case with contract branding work that sooner or later the application of the brand moves out of the hands of its original designers. No matter how detailed you make a set of brand guidelines, someone will eventually ignore them and begin to eat away at the cohesive system you’ve worked so hard to create. I can’t tell you how many branding projects I’ve worked that looked great for the first six months or a year, but once we’d fully handed off branding responsibility back to the client things started going downhill.

The software they’ve created for Oslo (assuming it’s easy and intuitive for anyone to use) is a wonderful solution for reigning in the whims of random employees tasked with what they might not even realize is branding work.

I agree the software tool is awesome. It makes sense to build the rules into a software if you have the budget. I wonder if this system could be sold as a stand alone portal for other companies to do the same.

I’ve no idea how they managed 250 different brands and logos! I do really like the new identity though.

Brilliant. Every government should distribute software like that to all of its various branches to save taxpayers tons of money on branding and design.