OSHA approved snack foods?

I love Sun Chips. Original, French-Onion, Salsa, Harvest Cheddar … I’ll munch’em until I explode. And their earth-friendy, compost-able bags are a great innovation … except for one little detail.

The bag has to be, without a doubt, the noisiest package I’ve ever encountered. Not just a bit of a rustle when you open them but truly loud; measured at 92 dB!!! OSHA recognizes sound levels of 85 dB or stronger, as able to cause permanent damage to your hearing!!!

This is outrageous, and makes it virtually impossible to sneak a hand-full between meals… my wife has radar ears to begin with. But she doesn’t need them for these.

Noise Pollution! New SunChips Bags Are Loud - YouTube The New 100% Compostable Sun Chips Bag Has a Super Loud Crinkle. - YouTube

Just don’t squeeze the can to pop off the lid.

Its like those plastic cake boxes when you by a cake at the grocery store, you can’t hide sneaking a piece of cake.
I have not noticed the noise difference in the new bags but Ill check it out on my subway trip today. I always thought it would be great to invent a plastic bag that makes no noise, like cloth.