Oscars set design

Did anyone see or like the set design for the Oscars?
Done by Roy Christopher.


I did not think it was that great. I only watched the show for a few minutes. Just long enough to comment on how NOT great looking it was to the people I was watching TV with.

Anyone have any INTELLIGENT replies on the set design?

I liked it. It wasn’t as conservative as those sets usually are. Lots of depth, it wasn’t symmetrical for once, good use of negative spaces, nice combination of minimalist modern theme w/ classic undertones. Lighting was great - can’t get enough of those slowing changing colored mood LED’s. I didn’t look at it and say “Holy crap that’s AWESOME!”, but after awhile it grew on me, especially how it changed so much throughout the show. Too bad the show itself stunk.

Speaking of changing sets, Peter Gabriel’s set last year was amazing, the thing metamorphasized for each song. Anybody see it?

Well put!

I’m interested in hearing your comments Beeve.