OROBOROS Shoe Design

Hello everyone
I would like to share my shoe design project from my sophomore class.
Tennis is my favorite sport so I decide to make a tennis shoe.
I used styrofoam and chipboard for the soles and used metal mesh and leather and sowed them up together.

This is my first time posting my project up on core 77
and would like to know what you guys think.

If you have any questions about my work, please ask and if you would like to see some of my previous
work or even in the future please visit my new blog!


Thank You.

First, I used white Styrofoam to create the base of my shoe. Then I scanned it into the computer and designed the sole on illustrator. After the design, I used chip board to cut out the design using a laser cutter.

I then spread blue tape (sticky side up) on the table and and taped my design on it.

After taping my design it looks like this. Then I Trimmed the edge and glued the sole design on my styrofoam sole.

I made the top using a shoe display on the tip (sorry don’t know what its called), wire mesh and a LOT of pins to hold up the leather and the shape.

I like the logo. Did you come up with that yourself?

The shoe looks like something out of blade runner or total recall era (80’s future).

Pretty cool.

I am actually questioning the logo and choice of name.
I suspect you chose it because it is a cool name, has some mystic flair and a striking symbol.

But how does the symbol of the Oroboros eating its own tail reflect your brand?

To the shoe it self, I can’t say much. The modelmaking looks pretty good.
Out of a design perspective I might have scrapped the letters on the sole. I guess they would get very dirty quickly and without knowing too much about the sole molding process, it seems like a complicated mold.

im interested in seeing the sketches that brought you to this solution. Also show us the features that make this a “tennis” shoe.

The letters on the sole are do able they would just need to be very low profile

Thank you for your critiques.

Yes, after an in class review backat school I also believe that
my logo and the name was sort of the wrong choice.

I also thought I was over branding by attaching the name all over the shoe.
As for the sketches it is back in AZ with my teacher, but I will ask for my friend to scan it over.

And as for the tennis shoe features, I made the soles flat (no arc) so the the tennis player can have a good front, back, side to side
grip on the tennis court. I eliminated shoe laces to avoid the unlacing and replaced it with an velcro. Lastly, the repeating
patterns on the bottom of the shoe is to lock dirt and moisture in, so that the user will have a better stability.