Original critique

Back for another round, I’ve revamped the entire website to solve some of the issues found by you all.

Hows it looking? Any thoughts on the new design. Thank you all very much!


Love the use of Dr. Manhattan for the exploded view. I might have to steal that for internal presentation or geekier clients.

Thanks! Here is a high res version: http://i.imgur.com/GToNW6V.jpg

Any thoughts on the site?

The work is better than the way you are presenting them to be.

At first glance, your portfolio website looks unfortunately amateurish. The first project’s “Homecentric Computer” hero shot doesn’t help to make me think otherwise. It’s a terrible first page in my opinion. Which is surprising, because the sketches and marker renderings that show up on page 3-5 are fantastic and even the 3d renderings on page 6 is way better than what is shown on page 1.

Remember, design is more than just your work. As a designer, you should also design your website. Pick good digital fonts, use colors, and typographic hierarchy. Content is king, but so is your layout, and presentation.

  • I don’t think you need the black box introduction for the work on the home page. Even more so because it is positioned oddly like it was an after thought.

Just my 2 cents.

I took the black box introduction down. Wow. I really like that. I originally had it as a black box with no background, but added the background later. I never thought of only having the textless background. It looks MUCH better!!

I am going to mess around with that computer front page, I might have some renderings that would fit better. Thanks again!

I noticed that when I first click on each project, it shows all the images in a vertical scrolling fashion, but only for a split second. Then it goes to the “Prev | Next 1/16” thing and all the vertical images disappear. Does Indexhibit offer both scrolling and clicking as ways to show your images?

I usually like scrolling – like Sketchroll says, if someone sees your first slide and is not happy, they will be less likely to actively click and advance to the next images. It is easier to see a glimpse of something eye-catching with scrolling. Let’s be honest, the research of pages 2 and 3 are important but as designers, we really are looking for pages 4, 5, and 6 (in the computer example) and if those are catching, we go back and look at the research and problem setup. :slight_smile:

I see what you mean. I applied a different function to scroll through images, that shows thumbnails of the entire project. I like it, it allows people to go straight to what they would like to see.


Nice, it is better!

I am being picky now but if only you could navigate between the blown-up slides with the left and right arrow keys it would be quicker too (but this is probably not in your control)…

I could also see some advantages in having the home screen show a large image for each project (or collage of images showing the highlights of each project) and have that image link to the actual project page. This might be able to replace the “project highlights” section if you wanted.

Hmm, I’m going to toy with that idea, having the front page replace the project highlights section.

It’s unfortunate that I don’t have as much control with indexhibit, but I really like the interface for quickly uploading new pictures.