i want to learn origami. i am in india. can anybody guide me to an easy resource. online will also do but it should be learning and not copying other products which are already made

The best way to learn origami would be actually sitting down and copying some already existing designs and paying a lot of attention to what does what…then try to experiment on your own, when you have a general idea about what kind of folding techniques are there and what can be done by using them…

well, I shouldn’t probably say " the best way", but that’s what worked for me…Origami is my semi-hobby…something that I’ve been doing for at least 15 years, but it has never developed in a full blown obsession. It can be a great designing tool…I mostly use my origami “skills” when I work with fabrics… ( constructing pockets and such)


there is a nice book called “paper airplanes” which basically deals with “paper rockets” but you can learn the various folds and techniques through it all the same.

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Mooved from sketching forum… cause it had nothing to with sketching.

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Well about Origami, this one friend of mine, is a pro at it. She makes cool stuff with dollar bills. I think they call it money origami.
I found a site about this thing, money origami. Check it out.

Some other links.
Origami everything!!!

Joseph Wu’s Origami - a lot of resources here

I have been doing origami since I was around 8 years old. I just followed the directions that came with the paper… then my mom bought me books.

There are many books you can buy. Start off with the simpler designs first. After a while you will start to see certain folds used in other projects. It gets much easier to figure out the complicated designs once you have been through the process with the simpler ones: