Organically bonded particle board in the uk....

Hi guys, i am having difficulty sourcing a supplier for this apparently mythical “unicorn” like material. I chose it for its ability to be smashed up a the end of the product lifecycle and just being thrown in the composter, Does anyone have any links/information about suppliers in europe/UK at all? I have tried trawling the interbutts and phoning regular suppliers but is this material just being constrained to the research labratory at the moment?

IF a supplier cannot be sourced what are the viable alternatives? I need standard sized 2440 x 1220 mm sheets (8’ x 4’ for those guys working in imperial still)
My material considerations are

  • sourced from recycled sources
  • can be further recycled
  • Structurally similar to orientated strand board
  • Suitable for furniture construction
  • Minimum board thickness 19mm (3/4" i think in imperial)

Anyone helping gets an internet!