organic form inspiration

I’ve been seeing many “organic” forms around alot in design and I’m wondering where they get all that inspiration besides nature. Organic forms are one of my favorite designs and it interests me.

Does anyone have any images/links to any other organic inspiration or designs?
The only one I know of is the RCA Venus exhibition

I really like the one by Jinsung Kim (wooden) and the pebbles one.
It’s real interesting.

The obvious one is Ross Lovegrove.

Also check out Neri Oxman

here’s a good book i’m reading :

Those are great looking nature related things… sometimes nature works are organic… but they are cool…


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You might want to watch this recent interview with Ross Lovegrove

he really annoys me though. His passion and confidence is admirable, but it just comes off as arrogance.

there’s a better, more down to earth RL video here :

I was lucky enough to meet Ross Lovegrove when he was displaying some work in Houston this spring. He seemed very down to earth to me too… had time to talk with everyone and was very open about how he made his sculptures or any other questions.

spill it then…
what software do they use? what fabrication process does he use? any and all info appreciated! :sunglasses:

I only spent a couple minutes talking with him but this bench was at the gallery…

and I remember him explaining that he had had it CNC-ed. He even showed some of the marks on it that weren’t completely polished out. I might be confusing things and it was weld lines he finished out, but I think he said it was CNC-ed which surprised me

This was there too…

and was marked as $90k or so. We were all looking it over, being careful not to touch it. Ross walks over, grabs the thing and swings it up over his head, waving around to show how light it was. It was pretty cool

sorry, I didn’t ask him about the software

yeah, they are both wild peices. the table is carbon fiber so i gues it’s baked in a mold. thanks for sharing.

wow. i love how ross is so self centered, yet so outward.