Oreo Dunking Sketches

Dunking ideas? A friend and I were talking about oreos and whipped out two sketches in about 10-20 minutes. This might be a fun sketch session.


As you can see more on the goofy side than practical.

Nice work – very clean. I like the lower one better, personally.

Power-Glutton industries, though…genius.


yeah- as soon as I saw Oherns sketch I cracked up. had to share

Oh man, I love it! Sketchwar!!!

That second concept should have a “de-lamination” feature.

Hi Hi, cool sketches, just want to ask what program did you use. Alias sketchbook pro or photoshop, looks smoother than other programs ive used. Also could you pass any tips and techniques? Thanks

1st on- Painter
2nd one- verithins and Photoshop
Will post one more shortly:)