Oregon Manifest 2013

I don’t know if you noticed the Oregon manifest 2011 thread, but I have been inspired to enter the 2013 contest, if there is one and if I can raise the cash to make a custom bike.

To start, I need information. The following is a link to a survey if you commute by bicycle. It should take under 5 minutes to complete. Please offer up any additional thoughts about your bicycle commute or the survey itself. I thought I would start here for some feedback before I open it up to a lot of cyclists.


The Manifest pictures have me all jazzed up too. I was really bummed when I learned that it is every other year. I emailed the organizers to see what they could tell me about 2013 (if it was a go yet or not) and I have yet to get a response.

For your survey:

You might want to add a box for lights/reflectors under the things carried section – I would not get very far coming home from work without my lights.

Thanks sprockets, I have updated the survey. It should be in there and it is something I forgot. The traffic on my commute is heavy and I find it too dangerous for me to commute at night. So I forgot about lights.