orange text on a white background sure is a crappy choice

This is upposed to be a design site right?
After 10 minutes on here I’ve got a headache.

depends on the orange and how your monitor is calibrated. It seems to be used quite often these days.

i’ve been thinking that for all the years i’ve been on core…

for a design site full of designers nitpicking and whining about the littlest details and functionalities, it sure seems like incoherent monkeys chose a color by mistake.

Good job Bore77

Also, as with all TOP RATE first class swanky web sites and portfolio sites, smaller the font, the more ELITE. die.fools.

and offered no constructive criticism? returning all this time to parasite info off of others? what an ingrate…you and mitu are both welcome to shut up and leave…

Returning to parasite info off others?

you mean connecting to the World Wide Web?

Obviously this idiot’s idea of surfing the web is:
If you visit ANY site, you must participate, email the author and the web host, and offer expert (in own’s mind) advice on anything from font size to overall reason why they exist on earth.

Go back to suckling mommy.

That was constructive criticism dickhead.
What’s your problem? are you the one responsible for this dopey decision?

highly unlikely…
Definitly doesn’t sound like he’d be in charge of making any decisions, logical or not.
Just sounds like he’s frustrated with his personal life and has an anger problem.