optimal web page size

Does anyone know what a good size for a web page template to assure that a visitor does not have to scroll in either direction. My guess is around 720x500 (pixals) or so. Does anyone know for sure before I start?


sounds like copying TashaFlown’s site would be a great start

…just kidding…

It all really depends on what the average screen resolutions your viewer will be using. Designers tend to work on higher resolution monitors.

There is lots of information out there on this. Be sure to get updated info though.

Do a google search, key words: Average Computer Screen Resolution

Oh yeah, one more thing. Once you have decided on the monitor resolution of your viewers be sure to make the page smaller…the browser interface takes up some space too.

at work we always use 800x600 as the common denominator. very logical, but im yet to meet someone that uses this resolution on their screen.

anyways better safe than sorry.

I used to use 800x600 when I used a 15 inch monitor. I was always angry at those keen designer sites that used 1024x768. DOH!

Hey… its 779X427 for 800X600 resolution (must have default browser settings).
Size depends upon resolution. you need to select different size canvas if you want ideal view for 1024X786 resolution.