Optical camouflage tech

Some interesting tech that’s paving the way for those seemingly windowless transportation concepts we see from time to time?


Probably won’t add more than 30-40 pounds of hardware and $1,500 to the cost of the vehicle. Another “safety feature” crutch for people that really shouldn’t be behind the wheel of an automobile. If you think about it, all that is needed is driver awareness. An acronym is taught to commercial vehicle student drivers: G.O.A.L Get Out And Look
Know what’s around you before you get into the vehicle. No optical camo required.

Ok perhaps it is a bit overkill for small-ish hatchbacks. But with styling trends like higher belt lines , raking roof lines and hulking c-pillars seemingly creating a need, I suppose it’s sort of arguable. But I think the ‘seeing through solids’ bit could be great for large lumbering vehichles like a bus or truck!