Opportunity for Aspiring Toy Designers

I am currently casting a new show for the USA network called “The Moment.” This feel-good show is all about helping people get a second chance at their dream career. One career in particular that we are looking at is: Toy Designer. We are very specifically looking for people who have some experience in toy design but do NOT currently work in the industry due to varying circumstances. This opportunity could potentially catapult someone’s career.

To apply for the show please go to MysticArtPictures(dot)com and click “The Moment.” You are welcome to dominate yourself. Be sure to fill out the WHOLE application just put “n/a” for sections that do not apply to you.

You are welcome to dominate yourself.

I always do. But there is no “The Moment” to click on… maybe one should click on “Television” first?

Perhaps you meant, “nominate” yourself.

lol too rich.