Opportunities in the ID field for fine arts students?

I recently became very interested in ID after checking out this website through a friend. What attracts me most to ID are the interconnections of left and right brained thinking (e.g… art+design and engineering). I am currently a fine arts student with a focus in painting, but would love to use those skills of visual communication and 2D rendering and apply them to the “start up” world doing things like product sketching.

I’m just wondering if there’s a place for people like me (fine arts background) in the ID world? I don’t want to change my major since I’m 2 years into my BFA program, so it would result in tacking on an extra year (tuition is expensive!). Maybe I should pursue a masters? I would love to hear what you all think. Thanks!

You should definetly change majors. If you want to move into ID it will be the best path. You are only 2 years in.

I once had an opportunity to join an artist that created commercial 3D art for public spaces; big studio space that employed several people. I had to decline it because I felt it was a very volatile field with not much upside. The only way to move up was to become a renown 3D artist myself.

I don’t really follow you here…

Just sharing that there are opportunities in the arts world that combine some i.d. skills, like sketching and 3D modeling.

ID is very much a show and prove field, without clearly displaying an ability to do the work through an ID oriented portfolio it may be VERY difficult to land ID work. 2 years is not too late, particularly early on. I would make the switch if ID is what you want to do.