Opportunities at Nikon, Canon

Hello folks, i’ve been hunting around for openings for industrial designers at canon, nikon (designers of digital cameras) and i haven’t found much…there’s nothing on their websites.

Does anyone have any leads? My utmost gratitudes in advance. you can contact me through my email if preferred. At the same time, do you know where their design studios are based?

Anyway, heres’s a link that talks about the design process of the Panasonic Lumix cameras. Must see!

it’s quite a challenge to design cameras, don’t you think?..imagine the considerations put into designing both the tangible and digital interface! Let alone consider the styling or design semantics! Anyone been playing around with the Canon S IS series? remember the mode dial (the main dial with the protruding knob that locks it in place)…oh man, i think that’s a fantastic interface design. But i think the best interface still go to the apple clickwheel!