Opipop Summer Edition ...just in time for Autumn.

Opipop Summer Edition 2004.

The summer edition of Opipop Workshop, is now online. Opipop is Booda’s own art and design workshop for both traditional media and new fangled stuff.

Feedback would be great…

Please visit…http://www.opipop.com

And may nature bless your travels.



New in Opipop…

All art in the Workshop is now priced. When you enter Opipop it’s like
entering the studio itself. No prices are fixed and haggling
is welcome on all originals.

Posters, mousepads, t-shirts and ‘Jawbone’ thongs are now on offer in
the Opipopshoppe!

‘The Evil Gooders’
An ongoing animated series featuring ‘Dr Jawbone’ is now on the Opipop
desk. It’s a free content project so you can host it on your site for
nothing. Contact me and I’ll send the episode files as they are completed.
Jawbone stuff -

‘Sinister Suitcase’- Fantasy Footwear.
Last week I drew 100 mysterious shoes. No idea why I did this but
I called it ‘Fantasy Footwear’. All 100 originals on offer in the
‘Sinister Suitcase’ and the lowest-priced work on site at ten dollars.
So take them before I burn them. If you take one and I burn
the other 99, Christies might just say, ‘Why, that’s a valuable little
shoe you’ve got there…from way back in '04…’

The gallery is now on site and will open with ‘Portraits ‘04,’ later this year.
So let me know if you’d like to come to my opening.

…now has a record you can play while you’re hanging out.
It’s by Charly Laurent and Serge of…

I designed Opipop so if you need design or Flash animation for web or print,
let me know. Thanks for taking the time, I hope you enjoy Opipop.

Feedback welcome.