Opinions please, Design societies?

“The DIA is part of an international network of design organisations and has full member status as a professional body with ICSID, IFI and ICOGRADA.”

All over the site it describes the value and importance of joining such a community, but I’d be interested in hearing unbiased opinions. I am definitely in the market for a design community hub, so what do you think?

Personally I find sites like core77 extremely versatile in terms of a centralized resource, but take a look at my post count… Youll notice I’m no expert :wink:

Hmm, perhaps I was a little ambitious seeing as though most of the members here are from the US. I’d also be interested in hearing opinions about similar design societies in your country.

What I’m trying to find out is whether they are useful for new designers like myself, or are they more suited to more experienced designers. What I’d like to get out of it is the chance to network and learn more about the field.

Any commentary would be much appreciated