Opinions on SFSU and Master programs in general

Hello everyone.

So I graduated with a Theater Design Degree from Cal Poly Pomona 2 years ago and have been working in fabrication since then for a popular theme park, you probably know of it. I have a passion for many forms of design and would like to further my abilities and knowledge; as well as find focus.

I would like to go back to school and preferably get my masters in Industrial Design. As you may know there are only 3 or 4 grad programs in California and all but one is quite pricey. San Francisco State University is of course the more affordable one, not to mention in a beautiful city. I’ve grown tired of Orange County and would like to relocate, even if it’s just for a couple years/months. I’ve read some peoples opinions on the school from years back and they weren’t too good. Does anyone know how the school/program is these days? Is it even worth it for me to try for a masters degree when I have many more options If I chose to pursue another BA degree?

I look forward to any information I can get. Also, please feel free to ask questions and leave tips.


I dunno man, I considered SFSU for my bachelors. Wasn’t too impressed. Went to tour the campus and it seemed there was no actual ID dept., there were kinda like ID classes next to all the art and clay classes that people take as a fun elective in college. San Jose state is quite good i hear, and shouldn’t be much more than SF state.

Thanks for the response. Yah, I’m looking elsewhere now, though I’m concerned over Cal-States as a whole. Maybe it is better to just take out a huge loan and go to a good school assuming I can even get in…