Opinions on OCAD?

Long story short i got accepted to OCAD a couple days for industrial design (3d). What are your opinions on this school?

Hey congrats on gettinga ccepted to OCAD

Well as a second year, now third year student i can tell you that the school is changing a lot. If you are at all swayed by previous comments on the school froget them because they only reflet the past of OCAD. Right now the school is changing its entire curriculum to reflect the coming wave of design and wil be among 6 in the world to go this new direction.

Carleton is extremely engineering centric and you will not learn the kind of skills that employers will be looking for in the long run.

If you have any more question feel free to ask! IF you are creative and wan to make products that will actually say something then considere OCAD.

it’s your lucky day, here is another opinion on ocad - despite some of the positives about the school (great city, large creative community, reasonable tuition), there are limits here and if you are a keen student you might outgrow things pretty quickly. The problem with this new ciriculum - “one of six in the world” - is that while the courses have changed names, none of the faculty have (granted, it is difficult to attract new people to come here) it is still the same instructors, and even some of the same assignments. if you are limited to canadian schools, consider coming here. look south of the border or across the pond if you have the means.

“Guest” would you say that Carleton would give you a better all around education in Industrial Design then OCAD?

I’m not the same ‘guest’, but i would would say yes.
I’m not sure what Manu is trying to do with Ocad, but he is leading them nowhere. He is not taking them down the ‘real world’ track like carleton, nor is he taking them down the ‘artsy fartsy’ conceptual road. it is a strange limbo that sorta hovers around design theory and stuff.
…Not useful in the real world or in the world of employment.

I would try to get into Carleton if industrial design is the path you wish to follow.

can’t say if carleton is better, never been there to experience the differences firsthand. I will say that there is a higher general level of competence and ability in the work produced by carleton students, whereas the work at ocad seems to have unpredictable highs and lows. both are different schools with different approaches it shouldn’t be hard to choose. if i had to go back and do things again I wouldn’t choose either, I would have looked outside canada.

I’d have to agree with that :neutral_face:

What is this direction, and which other five schools are also heading that way?

I’m in the i.d. program right now and they changed director, brought in fresh blood in the faculties and the courses are totally different. I.e. Think Tank, Biometrics, Gurilla Entrepreneurship, Human Factors to name a few. Many of my frds in older years have never had my profs and had never taken 50% of the courses I’ve taken. Please do some research before u make statements like that.

A good place to check out student culture at OCAD is myocad.com. I think the culture at Carlton would be different.

Question: Which employers have you spoken to that have supported this statement?

also, what exactly are these skills you mention?

you better not be trashtalking my nunchucku skills, bowhunting skills, or computer hacking skills.


"Carleton is extremely engineering centric and you will not learn the kind of skills that employers will be looking for in the long run. "

bahahahahhahaha…please tell us why you think this is the case and how ocad is different? i would hardly call carleton engineering based, besides the fact that figure drawing is replaced by physics. look through this years grad show and you’ll see the broad spectrum of projects the school deals with - from fashion to medical and more.

as for the employer comment…sure :oP


maybe the fact that carlton ppl requires a physics, calculus and algerbra background and they are required to use softwares like Pro Engineering? I’ve seen the Carlton exhibition, and they’re all very predictable convention i.d. products. Ocad takes on a quite a different approach, they have redefined the responsibilities of profession as a strategic one. I would even go as far as saying Ocad is leaning towards what Scandinavian design schools are doing as oppose to our American counterparts. IF u want to design and make cars for a living. I’m sorry but Ocad is not for u. As for the broad spectrum comment, I wouldn’t say they covered anything unexpected. Maybe you should go to more grad shows guest 55.

Bottom line. If you’re talented and have a good portfolio, employers won’t care where you went to school. I’ve been an industrial designer for 10 years and nobody has asked where I went to school. Its always about the porfolio.

ID85? Thanks for your worldly insites. Did you get that crap from the course brochure?

frankly carleton isn’t what it seems. u’ll research in canadian design schools and it’ll say carleton is “number one”. Personal experience it isn’t that, and far from it. Decide what kind of school you want to goto and what direction of a designer your aiming to become. Each school has its own philosophy so define what you want and look for the school that will fit those needs. If u have the means to goto outside canada, definately do it.

some courses are a waste of time that are hard core oriented.
physics, never used it.
something that would be useful is a electronics course to understand basics of how things go together electronically and know about programmable devices, power supplies, servos, feedback, radiation, thermal runaway.
this let’s you talk with some intelligence to electrical engineers and board layout designers.