Opinions on my new Portfolio Website

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So far upgrading my website from a choroflot portfolio to a grown up lots of links website has made me feel all of the above!

Please take a look and give me your opinions on layout, general site and the work included. Im still working on Blogger news so Im planning to add images and more enteries to that page.

Thanks a lot. naomijdean@yahoo.com


cool closet thingy!!

I think both your site and your work is great.

easy to navigate
loads quicly
effective layout


I once mentioned this to someone else here. All your projects deal with storage. Did you want to include projects that include electronics, interface design, ect.? If your goal is strictly furniture/exibit then you might be ok.

You might want to show some conceptural development/process for at least 1 project.

she has done this already for the โ€˜limpetโ€™ traveller bag security device.

Great work and great site!


what more can i say

Call me cynical but are these posters all your ex-student pals??!

nope :wink:

ha, De Montfort UNiversityโ€ฆis Peter Ford still there ?

Yip, he is. ex-student?