opinions on Emily Carr

just wondered if anyone could give me any feed back about Emily Carr as a school and its ID course.

cheers, DT.

Wow, why is ECIAD getting so much attention around here lately?

I went there for about 3 years of the 4 year degree. It really depends on yourself, as to how much you would like / dislike the course. I know that’s not really too much help, but let me think for a few seconds here.

Firstly, location…I have lived in vancouver for about 15 years, and think it’s the most amazing city I’ve ever seen. Sort of like a 1/2 size San Francisco. The school itself is really great, with lots of studio space, and since it is an Art and Design school, there is always someone around who is an expert in some kind of obscure discipline (So, can I CNC this Emu egg?)

I think the actual workshop area is good, but pretty small, compared to the school here in Sweden. You have everything you need,and really great tech staff there, but when it gets to be end of the term, you need to sign up for a time to use a hammer or something like that.

The teachers (when i was there around 2000) are really good, but like any school it’s luck of the draw. The only real drawback of ECIAD often using working designers as teachers, is they may be kickass designers, but total knuckleheads as a teacher. There isn’t as much industry contact as there should be for a school that size and quality, but that might have changed.

And lastly, format…hopefully this has changed, but to be honest, when I was there, Emily Carr ID teachers were slaves to format in presentations. It didn’t matter if you designed something to help save the world, or chemical warheads, as long as you had 15-20 pages of skecthes (min 5 color marker) a basic Rhino model and it allllll was bound up in an 11/17 format booklet. I don’t know what other schools are like, but this seemed more like they were interested in the booklet, than what you had actually created.

All in all, good school, good city, good luck!

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How realistic is it for a 42 year old to start in ID after interiors to pursue just street legal ATV type trans design?

My art skills are just adequate not amazing, I am a genralist with alot of passion for Quad design, Puegot and big players are starting to find this great new platform