Opinions on Consumer Electronics

What field has the most potential for a new, innovative product

  • Entertainment - TV’s, Sound systems etc.
  • Communications - Mobiles/Cells, New device.
  • Computers - Desktops
  • Computers - Media Centers, TV intergration
  • Computers - Portable, Handheld
  • Other - Music Players, Cameras etc.

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I’m currently a student at Monash University in Melbourne, entering 4th year Industrial Design. First semester starts up soon and so I need to start thinking about what areas to research to develop and design a product. I’m am very interested in consumer electronics.

I’m wondering if I could get your opinion on:

  • Areas of the consumer electronics market that aren’t served by a product - but have potential for a new product,
  • Current products that need improvement,
  • Main problems within the consumer electronics market.

Any amount of help or advice would greatly appreciated.

aren’t we 6 months away from all those being the same thing? You know, the new iThing.

I think you’re looking at this from the wrong perspective.

If you say “I want to make a new ” you’ve pretty much already arrived at your solution. Thats what people have been doing for a long time and it’s the main reason so many consumer electronics are nothing more than pieces of plastic that will be obsolete and replaced by new models in 6 months. There may be a market niche for blenders with a built in HDTV tuner, but the end result (even if it’s a very nicely rendered, nicely designed HDBlender) will be rather hollow from a design perspective.

If you really want to design MP3 players and Xbox accessories you can do some in your spare time and stock your portfolio with them. But I think what you’ll really find is the best design projects are often the least glamourous. Truth is when you go to get a job most projects like that come off to employers as style exercises without much thought.

I’d suggest trying to broaden your scope a bit more and really look for some design opportunities that have been really overlooked, because they’re definately out there. A project like that will get much more attention then a stylish OLED cell phone with bluetooth swiss army knife.