opinions of Frank Gehry?

Ok folks, just read about the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA…


Do we all (as designers, architects, engineers, crime fighters, Autobots…) still get all horny over his stuff, or is he beating a dead horse? When Bilbao (spelling?) came out, I went nuts for it (both as a fan of architecture, and as a Canadian) but why does eeeeeeverything he do have to have the exact same semantics?

Not to start a battlethread, but is his appeal wearing off on anyone else? It’s damn funky, but the ‘cool factor’ is definately gone.

Just my 2 cents worth, hope everyone is having a great day


I think the original DeLorean was supposed to be made in polished stainless steel. An idea by Italdesign perhaps? Luckily someone pointed out that it would distract people and probably cause accidents.

Actually, Frank is tiring of the style too. He recently did a proposal that was more modernist and conventional. The proposal was turned down for not being “Ghery” enough. Also, look at his work on that art museum in Toronto…tastefully conventional.

I went to see Gehry speak a few years ago. Gehry takes a sketch and builds it lifesize, what looks like a conceptual sketch is actually the exact form the building will take. I like that he redefines building practices. For example, for Bilbao he wanted to use titanium for the roof. Titanium is really expensive, so he had it milled superfine thickness. He wanted it to have a certain color in the sun so he experimented with different concoctions of chemicals to treat the titanium with to get its color right. Bilbao took my breath away.

I think the issue is that Gehry is jammed down our throat. He is everywhere. In design school my professors all had an altar for Frank Loyd Wright, which made me hate him. Although he had some very good ideas. There are so many good designers past and present.

Gehry is designing a wing for the Corcoran Art Gallery in D.C. and I am very excited since I live about an hour from it. I can’t wait to see how how is designs are built. Here is the link if you want to check it out: