opinions and help required ...query from an architect

Hi everyone,

This is Shrikar Bhave.

I am an Architect from Mumbai, India, and want to pursue master’s degree in the field of Industrial Designing.

I welcome suggestions from all of you with respect to following issues.

  1. Names & Classification of the schools – as excellent, Good, Average… etc.
    In United States of America. (Suggestions regarding schools in Europe is also welcome – wasn’t considering that option because of my knowledge that schools in Europe do not offer scholarships.)

  2. Is it necessary for an Industrial designer to have an in depth know-how of engineering? (I understand that I should be aware about engineering, my question is do u really require formal training in engineering?)

  3. Is there any fundamental difference between European and American schools of thought – with respect to field of Industrial/product designing?

4.Coming from Architecture background, are there any special modifications required to be done / portrayed in my portfolio which I will need to send to Universities for admissions for Industrial design studies?

  1. References of Industrial designers (esp. who are graduated as architects and are now into field of Industrial design.)

Waiting for quick and diverse replies from everybody …from every possible background.

Thank you all …


Shrikar Bhave.

hi …
i guess u had posted this before …even am an architect …welll this yr pass out planning to do id …i would suggest u work with some pd and u will come to know many asects of pd…this is what am doing right now …u will get used to the new softwares used for pd…its not autocad or 3d max …i know that i am not all that helpful but just wanted to wish good luck as even ur kind of changing ur stream as i am …
all the best

hi shrikar and ashima

i had read your posting on coroflot and got to know that you too are trying to get in to industrial design.
i am prakash from bangalore and i have just completed my engineering. i have a great passion for design and i am planning to do my masters in industrial design.

i have been researching about this program for months together now and i have collected a lot of information.
since you too are trying the same i thought it would be better if we could share the information we have and also help in deciding how to go about it.

if you do would like to contact me you could do so at sprk13@rediffmail.com or prakaaash_s@yahoo.com

do send me details about what you are looking for and where you are from. may be i could tell you what ever i know.

hoping to correspond with you asap