Opinion: Visualization Skillz

So I’m going back to school to get my MID in a couple of months and I’m trying to build up my visualization Skills. Ihave an engineering background but had pretty good drawing skills. unfortunately life and work had me not drawing very much these past few years till I did my portfolio for school and my skills have faded. And even though I could draw i never learned ID methodology.

So I’m in the process of working to get my skills back but i have two plans and I was wondering what the Core audience thought would be better.
Should I…

  1. Just take a drawing class and work my way up… I was thinking of taking " Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain"


  1. See if I can hire some ID undergrad to teach me an hour a week the skills that they have learned in their foundation courses.

i figures this has to be best and fastest way to get to the ID way but maybe if I re-visit the fundamentals of drawing and then use a book like Presentation Techniques it would provide a better base.

Opinions? Thanks!

addendum: Yeah I know about the gnomon workshop dvd’s and plan on buying them, But i also work best in direct contact with a teacher so i thought I’d use the dvd’s as a backup after I’d learned what i needed.

good thing you added the adendum huh?

I think your idea to hook up with an undergrad is great. It would be good for both of you. When I was in school I partnered up with another student who also liked to draw. Once a week we got together for about three or four hours, got a pizza and some beer, and sketched on big newsprint pads aroung a project we came up with while waiting for the pizza. At the end othe the night we spread out our sketches for a critique. We both got a lot better.