opinion on store design?

I’ve helped to work on the redesign of our PRO stores (MAC Cosmetics). What questions do you have? What are your goals in the re-design? What experiences do you want your consumer to have?

From looking at the website its impressive but they dont speak to why things are the way they are and how they came to those decisions. I think its important for you and the whoever is re-designing to understand why you are doing this and what are the goals.

Hey Lucy,

I used to work at Sheridans and they do some really nice work. If you have any specific questions just ask.

Hmm, could you provide a bit of additional information to help us understand your situation? What type of store do your operate? How big of a space? Do you have a budget or timeline in mind?

Knowing these things could help determine if this is a simple face-lift that could be done by a general contractor with your guidance, or if you should consider hiring a architect/retail designer to assist in capturing the right look and feel for your store as well as guide you (and a contractor) through the remodel process to be sure the end product is exactly what you wanted.

Good luck!


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