Opinion on Mass Art?

Can anyone give me their opinion on the Mass Art program? I already have a non-design BA in english, and I want to go back to school for ID. I live in Mass, so Mass Art is convenient. I’d rather not have to go back and get another bachelor’s, so their certificate program is appealing to me.

I haven’t seen any mention of Mass Art on this board – how is it regarded in the industry? Does a name really help you get a job? And does a “certificate” look worse than a BFA – does it mean anything at all?

Are there any other certificate programs at other schools in the US, or should I go the master’s route instead?

I’m interested in doing product design, specifically sustainable design. I know Mass art doesn’t do too much sustainable stuff, but I figure I can get that from taking other classes elsewhere.


go to wentworth yo

Why do you like Wentworth better than Mass Art?

Why don’t you call or contact MassArt or Wentworth and talk to faculty? How do you KNOW that MassArt does not address sustainibility? Have you contacted any IDSA approved schools and asked for a catalogue? Bill H.

You’re right, I misspoke and shouldn’t have used the words “I know.” I don’t know for a fact that Mass Art isn’t strong in sustainability issues. But I’ve spoken to several students in the program, and to a professor there, and didn’t get the feeling that it was a high priority. I also had the chance to see this year’s senior review show, and really didn’t see any work which seemed to be strongly influenced by sustainable ideas (like LCA research, design for disassembly/recycling etc.). But maybe I’m wrong and just didn’t talk to the right people.

I do see that they have a sustainable design class in the Arch dept, but I’m curious as to how much those ideas filter into the rest of the curriculum. I wasn’t trying to knock Mass Art. I just wanted to see what people’s opinion of the Mass Art program in general was, as well as whether a certificate is worth pursuing – over a bachelors or a masters.

I would try to get a BFA.

It’s going to be hard to compete with just a certificate in ID. Maybe some of your previous credits can be transferred over, so you might not have to start from scratch.

I’ve also heard some talk of a possible new MFA program in ID at Mass Art.
Look into Mass Art and/or Wentworth if your seriously interested in an ID program. I recommend visiting the schools and talking face to face with faculty, students and alumni.

Both schools have a lot to offer, but remember you get out of an ID course what you put into.