Opinion on design magazines

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What’s everyone’s thoughts on design magazines these days?

Does the industrial design industry have a quality publication that represents its readership well? If so, what magazine does this, and what parts of that publication are especially good?

What would you like to see published on the topic of design that currently isn’t?

Do we really need another design magazine?

Any thoughts are appreciated.
Jeanine C.
Graduate Student, ID

we already discussed this issue a while back and it came down to this:
design publications usually end up covering pictures of the new products and a typical short q&a with the designer which is really boring. nothing else. pictures you can go and see in any specialized tech magazine.you can find them by making a search on the net too. no magazine can teach you design. heck not even teachers can teach you design. but you have to keep yourself up to date with the latest from designers, schools and teachers ,industry and components, media and coverage. so you have to do a juggling act of maintaining a balance between all these if you want to keep up and succeed with design. although i wouldn’t put too much emphasis on the media as the driving force behind creativity unless it’s interactive. creativity is a part of talent. it’s also something you can’t learn to do. you can only find yourself in a situation where you’re comfortable with realization of your ideas.and each person has a different motive and understanding of this level of thought. so a magazine can’t really do anything except giving you the news on some product. it can never provide the building blocks or foundations for a system of thought or a design process since to do so it must focus constantly on different processes while it’s main focus is coverage which in reality is almost impossible. another issue is that each magazine tries to conform to a formal style of publication process to satisfy the advertisers who advertise their products or services there. if a magazine steps outside that boundry it will lose its prospect readership and therefore advertisers. so they chose to publish the articles that fit their style to create an identity. same with other publications. you won’t find newsweek covering anything other than that week’s news. if they go into covering history they’re not newsweek anymore.or design mags. you won’t find design mags covering the concept of texture on objects. but you might see them showing a texture on a recent design. so their priority is to show the latest products not to educate designers about design. that texture won’t help you with your projects. it’s too subjective to be important. unfortunately however, there’re designers who copy other designers for no reason whatsoever just to be alamode. but that’s really fashion not design.

Thank you very much, this helps.
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again ufo… big claps on giving great info.

thank you for what you posted :sunglasses:

thanks. i try my best to give feedback on everything that i have found out for myself. although i’m sure there are many more things that could be said about the media and the magazines.

one example could be the cds that come with some magazines containing software or other things. i have seen some graphic arts publications that use those to attract more people. mostly 3d animation and 2d photoshop stuff.

I get a lot of the latest design news/trends/technology from various sources on the web. Blogs are a great way to keep a tab on a lot of different subjects from business to music to design to culture in a daily stream. Design magazines can be good too, but as with any other source of news-- the more diverse of a selection you read, the more informed you will be.

I’m fond of Blueprint, Metropolis, Frame and Domus myself. I.D. Magazine is for lining bird cages. I like to see what’s happening in adjacent fields and these publications cover that stuff too.


we get “interior motives” and now “exterior motives” at our office, which are British mags targeting the auto industry, but it’s all concept stuff and tries to get into the heads of the heads of the big companies around the world. I think it’s cool following what the auto industries are doing since it’s at a different scale and volume than most consumer products and they have such immense resources and great ideas. plus those sons of bitches can draw like nobody’s business which is fun to look at too.

I get the most inspiration from ‘vogue’ though - that big Fall issue is a blast. hot models, too.

I agree with looking at “trendy magazines” like vogue, surface, etc not because of their latent design information, but because i can get a sense of whats out there, what are the trends, and basically what consumers are going for. i drool at those cool designs as much as the consumer would, be it fashion, furniture, architecture or product, so i think its good to see how they are being targeted. i wouldnt dismiss high volume/trendy mass targeted ‘designy’ magazines…but i like to look at nice pictures so i guess thats just me :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had a substcription to Metropolis for the past year and I have been really happy with it. I agree with ufo’s assesment though, there really isn’t any process discussed and it won’t teach you anything.

Kind of interesting to look at the current issue of ID online and find that one of their journalists has put the screws to one of Karim Rashid’s new lines of stuff for CopCo. It’s almost like he had a personal vendetta against the guy, but it’s refreshing to read critique that isn’t written while wearing kneepads.

well. The I.D. critique seams pretty on the ball to me.

Thanks everyone, for all the feedback. I’m paying attention.

If you’re still tuning into this thread can I ask two more questions:

  1. What’s a more innovative way to showcase large quantities of diverse, quality, up to the minute design in a magazine?

  2. What’s the one feature, story, or topic you would love to see in a design magazine?

Thanks in advance!

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