Opening a design department, any suggestion?

:slight_smile: I am a french ID designer and get the opportunity to work in Taiwan in a new business. You will not be so surprised if I tell you what kind of product im working for...MP3 player...and all the family of the new player. Thats great but I have full responsability of the design. and its huge. I need to planify the work and the ID tool I will need in the futur. Currently, I have ProE Solidworks, Alias, but the icone and display I wonder if i need to delelopp the research with director. for selecting the material, it is very poor...and i dont where i can go to browse and find some ideas…and keep some samples.
If you have any suggestion or advices…you will be very kind.
Sorry for the mistakes, hope you understand my message.
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Director/Flash is popular for interface design i guess. makes sense. visit HK for lots of different samples. for plastic chips invite plastics companies to visit. they have sample chips. can usually keep. GE Plastics probably has a rep in Taiwan to name one.

François, je n’ai pas compris votre message. Repetez en français si vous plait et j’essayerai vous aider.

Hmmm… well, since your main concern is resources in material, first of all, I suggest you to check online. There are some search engines catered for Taiwan’s manufacturing industry. They’ve got listings of companies you want.

Secondly, visit the Taipei’s WTC. There are a few floors delicated to display booths of various product manufacturers. There you can see their samples and of course their company information. There usually are name cards under each of them. It will take you a good day to browse through all of them.

Surely you can find the offical website of Taiwan’s Industrial Design Association and a good list of suppliers.

Thanks for your prompt response.

I just come back from the Taipei plastic and machinery show…very impressed.

I just collect few plastic samples, it might be ok.

Anyway, I think in the case of very special color for plastic, unless i have a large production, it might be very expensive to developp a new one. I need to ask for quotation.

what do you think?

PS…Are you traveling between taiwan and detroit?


Je disais que jatterissais a Taiwan dans une entreprise qui fabrique et vend des Music players...Il faut que jorganise pas mal de chose et que je fasse un point sur le budget necessaire.
Je cherche a equiper le studio et a anticiper les demandes de mon patron, qui risque de me demander dans 3 mois une interface branche pour un Ipod.
Mais quel genre d equipement faut t Il ? J ai ma petite idee mais je serais content davoir vos suggestions :smiley: .
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