Open Source Software.

Hello Everyone,
I don’t have a budget to buy Alias Design so does anyone know a Open source software like Alias Design.?

Closest I think you can get is Blender. You should check in our software forum…I know I contributed to an open source design thread…there might be more now.

You could also try 3dVia :

If you’re looking for Alias-like abilities, you’re not going to find anything close… mores the pity. You do have some options as mentioned like Blender, 3dvia, Truespace, Art of Illusion etc, and using some of these in combination might be enough, but if you’re planning on doing lots of modelling, especially if you’re getting paid for it, it’ll be worth saving up for Rhino (less than $1k).

For all your open source questions I would propose this site: Type in the program you’d like to have but can’t buy and it gives you all the open source alternatives!

Apparently apart from there’s also
A great non open-source alternative is Very cheap in comparison to the other products. Super intuitive and fast, unfortunately not parametric.


Blender is a 3D modelling package, but in real world terms it is not like Alias. It might work for making pictures but really can’t be used for making physical products.

Rhino is a cheaper alternative at around $1k.

If you are just a student looking to learn 3D and not use it for commercial purposes you can download a free edition of Alias from their education site.

Thank You guys for all the valuable information. First time I am looking into open source software’s, and they are so many. It is really difficult to find which one is the best.