Open Source Embroidery Machine

I’m done designing in a vacuum. Here is my sewing and embroidery machine project. Through my research I’ve found the target market is not the expert grandmotherly user who loves the millions of features that current market leading machines have. Instead, this machine is for the entry level user who is also an internet connected mobile device user.

Goals of the project are 1, fit the product within the existing market price gap, which is around $500 to $1500. 2, integrate mobile technology, in other words, make it wirelessly connect with mobile apps. 3, make sure people can produce quality embroidery projects with ease.

After going through a recent interview I was informed I need more experience in user research. I don’t think I do a good job of showing my user research in this project, and in fact, I am interested in basically doing a whole new round of user research, and doing it better.

In light my user research initiative, I’m trying to decide who I should interview and what questions I should ask them. Do you have any advice on conducting this research or any other aspect of this project? Thank you!