Open Shaver side project

I’ve been working on an ergonomic razor concept for my portfolio. Here are the preliminary results. I still need to work on the details of the manufacturing, and how the razor should be replaced. I’ll post more under this same subject as I finish.

good start man, I’d love to see a bit of an aesthetic analysis. Most of these purchases are done based on look, remember the product is encased in a plastic blister pack, so the consumer does not have the chance to feel the product. Also, gilette does a lot of free give aways, because the real money is in the replacement blades!

why not symmetrical? why so much solid plastic? why forms not integrated?

having such a large grip can be good if you have arthritis or carpal tunnel, but the bigger you go, the less accurate you are, so all those people with goaties and chinstraps and whatnot would feel clumsy with your design. Consider the current grip…thin, long. why did you change this? how does your design improve on the handling and ergonomics of the current grip of, say, the mach 3? In my opinion, your handle even seems to cover part of your face, making it hard to see where you are shaving. just an opinion. if you do happen to have research and stuff regarding that handle id be very interested to see.

To begin, thank you Yo! How the heck do I get images on here myself!!! I used the button…I swear!

Two reasons for the asymmetry:

  1. I was inspired by bent wood furniture. The plastic will act as a spring for the grip. I don’t know if this would add comfort, but I think it’s a unique concept for a hand held product…it’s certainly not something I’ve seen before.

  2. I was inspired by nature and asymmetrical designs. Bangle did a concept car for BMW when he first got there that had a weird assymetrical rear window. At first it was quite unsettling, but after awhile it really grew on me. It was something I always wanted to explore in a product design.

So much solid plastic - I think it is visually deceiving, although when I redo the model in my SolidWorks class I will be able to put a quantative number on the amount. Then I can compare with something numeric.

Lastly: why are forms not integrated. I see what you are talking about. The short answer is that I wanted to place an emphasis on the neck of the razor. The long answer is, wait for me to post the aesthetic concept.

@914 - quoting your post and previewing it shows images. you have BBCode turned on? might be it. or go Edit it. add a space or something minor. Preview it. if works, then use it. if not, let me know. want everyone to be able to post pics.

asymmetry - designing both lefty and righty?

integration - i wouldnt divorce aesthetic from function this way. new concepts emerge from that marriage. usually best ones imo. i’d still be in thumbnails. half looking practical and obvious like this. half looking very blue sky and impossible.

And here I thought BBCode was an encryption program used by the British Broadcasting Company.


I know this is a little backwards, but I finally finished my presentation images of my project goals and my sketches, which should add a little context to the previous images I posted.

I’ve been a little side-tracked lately learning SolidWorks and working on ‘real’ projects, so I haven’t had time to do more than a few additional sketches of a new blade cartridge design. I feel that is the area of the design that is the least refined.

To answer the last questions from YKH:

It is an ambidextrous design. The open slot is not wide enough to effect the lefty or righty usage.

Integration - I agree with your point. At the end of the day, my goal was a portfolio piece showing physical sketch model development of a hand held product, therefore I let those methods guide my process.