Open link in new tab

Clicking on a link, opens it on the same page rather than in a new tab.

Core77 is the only site I use that does this, and whilst I now open links here by ‘right clicking - open in new tab’, it would be nice just to be able to click on the link.

Can it be changed?

It’s been bugging me for a while, so I just had to say something.

One quick way is to press Ctrl in Windows or Command on Mac…

Cheers NURB, I never knew that. It would still be nice to have normal links though :wink:

Normal links do open in the same page. This is default behavior in HTML and good UI practice as it creates a behavior most users expect (going to that link right away) not an unexpected one (opening in new page or tab). That said I do use tabs as nurb describes when I want.


middle click is for opening new tabs… :mrgreen:

That may be true in some cases, but not on a page where you want to stay, like a discussion forum. You want to read a link, and go back to the discussion. The link you go to may take you to longer path you want to explore, but you can always go back to the discussion whenever you want to instead ad clicking “back”. It’s also annoying as hell when you DIDN’T open link in a new tab, and close it - meaning you’ve closed the discussion tab and can’t go back.

Like Playdo said, this site is in the minority that doesn’t open a new tab. It’s what users expect 2012, and what is more convenient. This has been bugging me for years with core, and the topic has been raised several times.

And it’s extra annoying on a tablet.

Def agree with your points. I’d say its in the interest of the domain owner to keep users on their site for as long as possible, and not let them wander off due to distractions.

I’m sure you know that it’s not normal practice, for the reasons mentioned. It’s a minor issue for me as it’s already memorised for this site, but I just find it strange to have it set up like this. There aren’t any benefits.

Cheers Hoodzy. I’ve been pressing the middle button all morning now …it’s like a new toy.

In general I don’t think webpages should open new tabs/pages without giving some kind of indication that that’s what will happen when you click. I prefer having the option to choose whether I want a new tab or not, but I must admit that for Core77’s forum on the front page the way it is works for me (I would most likely choose to open a new tab anyway).

The user decides if links should open in a new window or tab. A site that forces links to open in such a way is annoying.

Thanks will for backing me up on this.

Think of also this way - if it is a normal link that opens in the same page you have the open to open in tabs using whatever shortcut/mouse click you want. If it is forced to open in tabs by the code there is no way to make it open in the same page. If every link on the internet opened in tabs it would be crazy. How do you define which open in tabs and which don’t.

This is why good UI doesn’t force or create unexpected behavior.


Your pop-up blocker might catch some of that behavior, too. That’d be even more annoying.

It’s the same system used in nearly every other forum. You guys don’t leave Core77 much eh :unamused:

Any link that goes to an external site, opens up in a different window/tab, to prevent leaving here. I’m not talking about internal links.

They are doing it wrong. Here we follow better usability standards :wink:


I’m on over a dozen other forums and not a single one opens new links in a new tab UNLESS it’s an advertisement. Which is the same behavior that Core does follow (If I click the ad I get a new tab)

The ctrl click and middle click paradigm are fairly well known at this point. Not sure which if any links should be opened in a new tab?

The middle button’s good for me

@Cyberdemon: Ok, I just typed in ‘Design Forum’ into Google and these are the 1st sites that I got back:

All of them open external links externally. What I mean by external links are shown throughout the posts (websites, external sites etc):

It’s not a big deal, but it is a nicer way to do it, purely because after you view a link, you want to easily go back to the original discussion.

Just because others are doing it wrong doesn’t mean we should too.


"It is appropriate to enforce opening links in a new window in case:

  • the link may interrupt an ongoing process"

Source: Richard’s.

That case scenario is for things like a popup during a checkout process to verify your visa. Browsing a forum
Is not an ongoing process by that logic every link online would be a new window since you are in an ongoing browsing process

Did you the the whole thing? It’s pretty clear cut. Sorry, you are wrong.