Open Innovation

Greetings to all

Anyone read Wikinomics? I’m curious how many here have taken part in Innovation challenges/projects, and what your thoughts are on the current and future impact of consumer-generated ideas/design/innovations.

if you would like to advertise, please contact core admin.

these forums are not intended to have ads in place of content.



I am fresh off of another forum (Techcrunch) where such introductions are allowed. I will definitely check out advertising possibilities, and will see if I am able to edit or delete my post.



There is nothing quite like the warm, loving and welcoming embrace that Core regulars offer to new comers.

I do not think that Jeff needs to apologize for the mildly self-promotional intro…Although advertising might be a good idea because no one in the studio here had heard of the Wikinomics.

Every designer and engineer here has taken part in either an international or local effort such as you describe. Best of luck Jeff.