Open-Access Design (is that what we're calling it now?)

Hello Core,

I’m an undergrad in an industrial design program at Carleton University in Ottawa. While I’m being Properly Educated I’m also working part-time for a company called Blindside Networks on a project called BigBlueButton

BBB is working to develop an open-source software platform for online conferencing. Currently, our focus is on education; distance-ed students can participate in classes through this online environment. The ethos of this project, and also the company’s namesake, is, “giving an online presentation should be as easy as pressing a big blue button.”

The Catch (or where ID comes in): I’m trying to simplify the setup procedure and integrate the components into one device, which we’re calling the ReadyToPresent.

As the software is being developed as an open-source project, so too is the industrial design. I’m sure all of you have seen the BUGLabs+IDEO collaboration. We’d like to do something similar. If you are interested or have a few minutes, come around and check out our design blog. Who knows, maybe we’ll all become BFFs.

Albert Kwon