Opel Flextreme Concept >>

Bad name <<>> Nice design


some nice bits, some horrid…segways!!! gack! get off your fat ass and WALK. The headlight treatment is at least diffrent from the normal “cat eye” look. The instrument cluster reminds me of down town tokyo, and thats not a good thing.

a video with the designers _


I get bit feeling of New Honda Civic when I look at that car. Who the hack would want to be using a segway, put a cool collapsable bike in there not a segway.

I’m with you on the segway… dumb. I’m not sure how anyone ever thought the segway would be anything but retarded. Conceptually it just doesn’t make sense, we need to walk more, not less. A cool collapsable bike would have been neat.

What Civic are you talking about though, never saw a civic like this::

Nice pick yo!

I’m feelin’ this GM design. It’s nice to see a concept developed so fully. I really like the rear. Those are some cool tail lights. I’ve seen a similar concept for the alternative hatchback-style. It’s hilarious to see designers continue to spend so much time developing trunk concepts that can not be put into production, but they are cool.

I see a little Euro Civic hatch in this, but only a smidge. The front does remind me of something, but I can’t recall what.

Nice integration of the Segway into the design. It’s actually a bit of an evolution from GM’s flex-fit bike rack. It’s an integrated bike rack available in Europe on Opels/Vauxhalls

That is a cool bike rack, can’t believe that went to production. Anyone know if it works well?

Just a feel just a very tiny bit or its cause same class car.
The front light looks like I seen it before in a concept cause but not this one. I remember the Opel GTC but bit different bit also same.

I really dont like the back of this car.

Dont like the thing that goes thru the middle of the rear window. And dont see the use of it, only that it follows the line from the top of the car but it just block the view of the driver looking backwards.

Like the nose a lot. The tail on the other hand is not good to me. yuk.

Front end: Cheetah eyes
Rear end: Old man in, ahem, scant swimwear

Yo: Autocar had one of the bike racks on their long term cars. They said that you lose your spare wheel to it, which is a negative. Moreover, the bikes are held by the chain wheel and don’t feel securely locked down. Plus, you get really dirty opening and closing it. Basically, great idea, troubled execution.