Oops! Just realized...

After reading through several old posts, I just realized it wasn’t ok for me to post the actual job on the site, so let me try this another way.

Does anyone know where I should be looking to find a Product Design Manager with Consumer Electronic background in the Maryland area?

Also, my client is looking to pay this candidate 80K- as members of the ID community, what do you think of this salary?

This candidate should have experience designing consumer electronics as well as managing employees- is 80K fair??

My speciality is in more of the design (print and web), marketing, communications, and advertising field, so I am not as well versed in ID.

I’d love some feedback on the scope of the job and my client’s expectations…

post you job on coroflot.com

I’m actually just trying to gather some information on the qualifications of the job itself, rather than sourcing candidates. I haven’t been able to find any, and I’d like to go back to my client with some feedback as to why this position is so difficult to fill. Mods, do you have any idea why this position is so hard to fill? It is because of the salary, the area, the fact that this ID needs Consumer Electronic design?

Take a look at the coroflot salary survey, $80k for a design manager is very low. Many corporate senior designers make this much or higher. I doubt an experienced design manager or design director would consider this pay rate to live in Maryland to boot.

Does your client currently have an in house ID team or would this person be building it? Who does the position report to. President of the company, a VP of some other function?

Here is a quick snapshot of some of the results. Knock out the lows as some kid who thinks he is a design director and take the average and the high and you have a good idea of the pay range you should be in.

This is great information!

Does your client currently have an in house ID team or would this person be building it? Who does the position report to. President of the company, a VP of some other function?

It’s actually a newly created department and this person would be working underneath the Product Development Manager, who is the department head. My client has most recently changed the job title to seem more creative and less engineering, as many engineers have been applying.

Would this make a difference in salary/interest in the position itself?

I think you may have a hard time finding an experienced product design director/manager who wants to report into a development manager. This limits the influence and effectiveness of the position in my opinion. Design works best when it has an equal seat at the table with engineering and marketing. The low pay, location, and set up would for sure a lot of people I know… 3 strikes there. Location can’t be helped, but pay and reporting structure can be adjusted.

also, if this is a new department, you really want this person to have some very good experience and knowledge to survive the pitfalls the new department will encounter, otherwise you could be wasting a lot of money spinning your wheels, leading to some potential turnover. hire the best person you can afford, layout their expectations clearly.

well put. i would think the reporting structure would be the worst of the 3 points. while pay level could increase, you might be able to still get someone good as establishing a new department and product line can be very attractive to someone just reaching the manager level. pay can also be increased through future agreements for raises, bonuses, etc.

having a manager report to another manager though, esp. development seems to minimize the position’s potential effectiveness and creativity, and normally PD and ID managers are on equal level, both reporting to some sort of design/product director.

i’d suggest to keep the pay, add some good bonus/benefits (maybe since its a new position with new goals, a bonus could be linked to first product line sales/performance) and revise the reporting to make it more a real managers position.


You guys are wonderful! You’re feedback is so appreciated and definitely gives me insight into why I’m having such a tough time finding the perfect candidate.

Like I said before, I am a recruiter and if any of you are looking for jobs in the Baltimore/DC/Philly area, I’d be glad to be of assistance, just PM me.

I think an ID manager would ask for at least 100K a year in Greater NY area. Another way for you to check the annual compensation study of IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) and salary.com.