I just want to ask you about a question that I am asking miself almost daily. I have been graduating industrial design school these summer and now I am working as a interior designer, good payment and all for romania but my pleasure remains the industrial design :frowning: . I was one of the best in my year but the situation is that in Romania there is no industrial design needed. I have been searching but nothing found, every big producer is from abroad and he is doing his design in his country. My problem is: what are my chances to work abroad since I am a ROMANIAN DESIGNER as a firsth one and secound how am I going to do that, does core or other site realy work; or what should I do her.

what should I do here, ment in romania.

Enter contests and self promote. The web is a great tool. If you’re as good as you say, somebody will eventually find you and when they do they may set you up with a work visa. It’s a tough predicament as many countries today have stricter laws on preserving their own internal economy. Like for instance in Japan, to work there for an extended period of time, your employer must pay a increased tax in order to employ you. But traditionally if you’re very good, they will not mind paying their government for you’re brilliance. In any case work hard and get your work out and eventually you will get a break.

There is always the option of studying abroad, and trying to hook up with a internship that may eventually develop into a work sponsored visa. Good luck!