Ontario Screws the Lightbulb

Apparently Ontario has announced that it will make it illegal to sell incandescent light bulbs as of 2012. That’s too far out, in my opinion, but its a good step.


I am sure other Provinces/States/Countries will be following suit. Like most hot topics, it is now a game of Keep up with the Joneses.

I heard a spokesperson for Philips on the radio the other day saying they are for banning incadescents! They have already increased production of CFLs to such a level that there would be no loss for them.

Ontario is acutally not the first to do this. A few months ago Australia announced that they are planning to eliminate incandescant light bulbs by 2012 or so as well. Hopefully more countries will jump on the wagon.

Crap…I hope they design a bunch of CFLs that fit into all the appliance sized bulbs I have in my house.

I believe that they aren’t banning all incandescents, however just the ones that are popular. A19 (the bulb you imagine when you imagine a bulb), R20, R30, maybe the reflector bulbs like par 20 and par 30. I can’t see them banning the low voltage halogens, like MR16.

Banning light bulbs is even older than Oz. The US has actually had some particularly inefficient bulbs banned since the early 1990’s.